Can Eating Yogurt Prevent Dementia In The Future?

It might be time to hit the dairy aisle next time you go grocery shopping! Yogurt has always been known as a healthy food that should be included in our everyday diets. It is rich in important nutrients, high in protein, and provides digestive benefits. Many studies have shown that yogurt is an excellent food for its health benefits, but recently a study has found that it may actually fight against a disease that affects more than 6 million Americans each year. Yes, eating yogurt may actually help against Alzheimer’s disease!

It was reported in 2021 that an estimated 44 million people suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, 6.2 million of those being Americans. By 2050, it is expected that 150 million humans will have dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Even with widely growing rates of those diagnosed, there is no cure for Alzheimer’s. Currently, there are only ways to help improve the quality of life for someone living with Alzheimer’s disease. However, a new study shows that bacteria in our gut may help slow the progression of aging and may prevent Alzheimer’s disease. 

This recent study was supported by the evidence that memory problems were reversed after lab mice were given stool-friendly bacteria. Similar probiotic bacteria exist in yogurt, which is why this tasty food can be found to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Beyond yogurt, scientists are looking into developing probiotic treatments that may treat and prevent dementia.

Poor aging can be linked to poor health within older populations due to changes in the microbiota. Humans have one hundred trillion microorganisms in our gut, which affects our immune system as well. During the study, laboratory mice were used to find that memory and cognitive functioning may actually improve when probiotics are consumed over time.  

The changes from introducing probiotics and keeping a healthy gut do not stop there. In the same study, it was shown that fecal transplantation may reverse aging in the brain. Fecal transplants are used to help people living with Crohn’s disease or who may have other imbalances of gut biota. The laboratory rodent’s brains actually “regenerated” and expressed  “younger genes.” Through scans, it was clear to the scientists that the mice increased their memory and cognitive function. The laboratory rats proved to be less prone to anxiety, which is often a cause and result of developing dementia.

The study did not only help provide evidence that yogurt may help prevent dementia, but it may also help fight against cognitive decline. Increasing dietary supplement probiotics may indeed increase concentration, decision-making, and overall understanding. So why is yogurt the perfect probiotic? Probiotic bacteria already exist in our gut, but we need to include more nurturing bacteria into our diet to maintain a balance. The probiotic bacteria found in yogurt can help break down food, strengthen our immune system, as well as prevent harmful substances. Probiotics have been shown to improve overall health, but this study is one of the first to demonstrate how probiotics may help maintain cognitive health and prevent cognitive decline.

Margaret Davis

Margaret Davis is a junior studying advertising at Temple University. She is thrilled to be joining the HappyNeuron Pro team as the Content Marketing Intern. With her previous experience working on PR and Social Media campaigns, Margaret hopes to bring a variety of skills to the team.

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