Fun Cognitive Activities for Kids During the Holidays

As the holiday season approaches, parents are often on the lookout for engaging and educational activities to keep their little ones entertained. This year, let’s infuse the festivities with cognitive growth by incorporating a variety of stimulating activities. In this article, we’ll explore exciting cognitive exercises for kids to enjoy during the holidays, featuring additional worksheet exercises to add a dash of educational holiday fun!

Festive Memory Games

Enhance your child’s memory skills with holiday-themed memory games. Here are a few ideas:

You can create your own games, like a set of cards featuring matching festive images of snowflakes, ornaments, and reindeer. Place the cards face down on a table, then flip them over one at a time as you and your child try to remember where the matching cards are! 

You can also utilize festive memory worksheets from HappyNeuron to help children develop their memory skills. Try out this one:


Mini Packet #38

Creative Storytelling Workshops

Encourage your child’s imagination and language skills by organizing creative storytelling sessions. Provide holiday-themed prompts or story starters and let their creativity flow. HappyNeuron offers worksheets that prompt kids to complete holiday stories, making the process both fun and educational. Get the worksheet here:


Mini Packet #37

Math Mania with Holiday Baking

Turn holiday baking into a math adventure! Invite your child to help measure ingredients, calculate proportions, and understand the concepts of fractions. (It’s easier to get kids involved with an educational activity when there’s a promise of sweet treats afterwards!)


HappyNeuron’s math worksheets can complement this activity, providing additional exercises to reinforce mathematical concepts. Try this New Year countdown worksheet:


Mini Packet #63

Nature Scavenger Hunts

Take the holiday spirit outdoors with a nature scavenger hunt. Create a list of winter-themed items for your child to find, such as pinecones, icicles, or animal tracks in the snow. This activity engages cognitive skills like observation, pattern recognition, and executive function skills like problem-solving.

Crafting with Cognitive Benefits

Arts and crafts are not only a delightful pastime but also excellent for cognitive development. Choose projects that involve fine motor skills, spatial awareness, and creativity.

Attention Activities

Many different activities can help to work on your child’s attention skills! “I Spy” or “Where’s Waldo?” books, holiday-themed puzzles, word searches, and worksheets can all engage children while they exercise their attention skills.

This Christmas Search worksheet is a great place to start!


This holiday season, you can infuse joy into your child’s learning journey with a blend of festive and educational activities. By incorporating cognitive exercises into the holiday festivities, you not only provide entertainment but also support your child’s brain development. Utilizing worksheets from HappyNeuron adds an extra layer of structure and expertise to the mix, making the learning experience enriching and memorable. So, unwrap the gift of cognitive growth this holiday season and watch your child’s brilliance shine brightly!

Aly Castle

Aly is HappyNeuron Pro’s Content Specialist. She is passionate about mental health and well-being and loves utilizing her design background to share important cognitive information clearly and understandably.

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