[Video] Psychosis Research and HappyNeuron Pro

Debra Bushong,  MS, LPC-S

Dallas, Texas USA

UT Southwestern Medical Center

Debra Bushong currently works in the Department of Psychiatry, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. She does research in Clinical Trials and Psychiatry. Her current project is Team Lead for The Early Psychosis Program: HOPE (Healing Over Psychosis Early) and managing research protocols for The Psychosis Research Program.

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Why We Share: HappyNeuron Pro and Psychosis Research

Cognitive rehabilitation programs, such as the NEAR program are being used all around the world. Check out how Debra Bushong, at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, is using HappyNeuron Pro within her psychosis treatment research.

Christine Campbell

Christine is HappyNeuron Pro’s Marketing Specialist. People with intellectual disabilities have a special place in her heart. Growing up with a sibling with an autism diagnosis and intellectual disability influenced the way she views life. She is passionate about educating people about health and sharing cognitive tips.

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