[Video] TEDTalk – How Menopause Affects the Brain

Lisa Mosconi

Lisa Mosconi is a neuroscientist, director of the Weill Cornell Women’s Brain Initiative, a neuro-nutrionist, and author of Brain Food and the XX Brain. Dr. Mosconi conducts extensive research on Alzheimer’s disease and women’s health, brain health and diet, and prevention medicine. She has published scientific papers since 2003, written several books, and has been featured in Psychology Today, Forbes, NBC, and CBS. 

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Why We Like This Video:

Cognitive health has connections to many different kinds of health. For women, the reproductive system is highly connected to the brain. With age for both sexes, the balance of hormones changes as do neural connections within the brain. Lifestyle changes throughout the lifespan such as diet and exercise can help maintain and improve whole body health. Because men’s and women’s bodies are different, healthcare providers and researchers should consider the different and similar needs between the sexes. 

Christine Campbell
Christine Campbell

Christine is HappyNeuron Pro’s Marketing Specialist. People with intellectual disabilities have a special place in her heart. Growing up with a sibling with an autism diagnosis and intellectual disability influenced the way she views life. She is passionate about educating people about health and sharing cognitive tips.

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