[Video] TEDTalk – What Happens During a Stroke?

Educator Vaibhav Goswami

Director Outis

Script Editor Eleanor Nelsen

Associate Producer Elizabeth Cox

Content Producer Gerta Xhelo

Editorial Producer Alex Rosenthal

Narrator Addison Anderson

Fact-checker Brian Gutierrez

all rights of this video belong to ed.ted.com  and are shared under the creative commons license. Watch more at ed.ted.com.

Why We Like This Video:

Every two seconds, someone in the world has a stroke. Strokes are extremely common, as one out of every six people will have one. But, what exactly happens when someone has a stroke? We love this talk because Dr. Vaibhav Goswami clearly explains what happens within the brain and body that cause someone to have a stroke. 

Christine Campbell
Christine Campbell

Christine is HappyNeuron Pro’s Marketing Specialist. People with intellectual disabilities have a special place in her heart. Growing up with a sibling with an autism diagnosis and intellectual disability influenced the way she views life. She is passionate about educating people about health and sharing cognitive tips.

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