3 HappyNeuron Pro Exercises For Aphasia

Are you working with people that have Aphasia?

Here are three HappyNeuron Pro exercises for aphasia that you can use with your clients today!

exercises for aphasia

Root it Out!

What it targets: verbal memory, verbal fluency

About the exercise: In this exercise, you will be given the first two letters of a series of words. It is your task to make a given number of nouns using the first two letters given to you. To effectively complete this exercise, you will have to draw upon your own vocabulary and memory to recall potential solutions for each set of letter combinations. Your clients with aphasia will be able to practice word retrieval, speech, and articulation of the words they want to say with this exercise.

exercises for aphasia

Split Words

What it targets: verbal memory, verbal fluency, semantic knowledge

In this exercise, your client will choose a category of words to work with. Next, your client will see fragments of words on the screen. Using the hint given, your client must put together the word fragments to make a word that pertains to the category. Your client will be tasked to use their semantic knowledge and vocabulary to make inferences about the potential words that they must find.

exercises for aphasia

Secret Files

What it targets: processing speed, working memory, semantic memory

Your client will see a number of drawers, and a file with a word on it. It is your client’s task to put the word in the correct drawer. Each drawer represents a different category.  Sometimes, the drawers will have no labels on them, and your client must use trial and error to learn the categories that the drawers represent. By correctly sorting the word files into the category drawers, your client is learning how to draw upon their working memory to recall categories of words. Ultimately, this can help them to better recall specific words they want to say when speaking in real life.

Interested in trying these exercises? You can try these exercises and more with our 100% free trial to our digital program today! Or, perhaps worksheets would be a better fit for your patients. All of the exercises described above are available in worksheet form as well! Find them here.

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