Digital exercises to improve processing speed

Processing speed refers to the amount of time it takes for a person to understand and respond to stimuli around them. We use our processing speed every day. For example, when crossing a street, you must utilize your processing skills to look and make sure there aren’t any cars coming. If you’re moving through a crowd and realize you’re about to bump into someone, so you shift out of their way, this is another example of using processing speed. 

What causes difficulty with processing speed?

Many factors can affect processing speed. Brain injuries, stroke, and aging can cause a slowing of processing speed. Some individuals with ADHD may have slower processing speed as well.  However, processing speed varies naturally between individuals and a slower processing speed may not be caused by an underlying condition. Regardless of the reason, if your patients are looking to improve their processing speed, the following exercises may help!

Cognitive exercises for processing speed

Under Pressure

Under Pressure trains a number of cognitive skills. Your client must utilize sustained attention to maintain performing the exercise, as well as their visual-spatial skills to recall where the items are in relation to each other. The exercise moves quickly, which trains their processing speed as they must provide each answer before the next item appears.

processing speed exercise

Secret Files

Patients must use trial and error to recall which methods of sorting files worked well within the exercise. This task exercises attention and working memory, which are key components in processing speed. Secret Files can lead to improved processing speed over time.

improve processing speed

Catch the Ladybug

In our day-to-day lives, we must process and choose which stimuli we wish to engage with. We must constantly direct and redirect our attention to the stimuli that are most relevant to us. Catch the Ladybug is an excellent example of using these skills. Over time, this exercise can help clients with tasks like taking notes during a presentation, driving, and participating in a meeting. These skills require quick processing speed.

processing speed exercise

Under Pressure, Secret Files, and Catch the Ladybug are just a few of the exercises that can be very beneficial for those looking to improve their processing speed. HappyNeuron offers many other exercises that can help with processing speed and related cognitive functions.

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