HappyNeuron Pro’s Top 3 Exercises

HappyNeuron Pro is a digital cognitive therapy tool offering over 40+ different exercises for clinicians working with individuals who have cognitive impairment. Using HappyNeuron Pro, clinicians can create customized exercise plans for their patients to do at home or in the clinic. With so many creative and fun exercises to choose from, clinicians may not know where to start. In this blog post, we’ll share with you HappyNeuron Pro’s top 3 exercises.

1. Basketball in New York – Executive Functioning

At first, this exercise looks easy. Don’t be deceived, as this exercise challenges your patient’s ability to plan, anticipate consequences of actions, and inhibit impulsive actions. Using mental manipulation, your patient must mentally move basketballs within one set to match a desired configuration in as few moves as possible. Targeting important aspects of executive functioning, this exercise will help your patients learn strategies that will help them be able to plan and structure their day, think about things they say before they say them, and accomplish tasks more efficiently. 

2. Dance With The Fireflies – Visual Attention

Pay close attention, as these fireflies have a dance to do! In this exercise, your patient must watch fireflies dancing closely, and use their attention and reasoning skills to deduce the pattern that the fireflies are making. Attention to detail is key, as the exercise becomes more complex, subtle details of each dance will become more important to notice in order to distinguish the dance. This exercise will help your patient learn strategies that will help them pay attention to detail and identify patterns, which can help them in school or the workplace when they have to pay attention to details from a meeting or when they are reading charts and interpreting data.

3. I Remember You! – Visual Memory

It is not uncommon for people to have trouble remembering the faces and names of new people they meet, but it can be very frustrating and in some situations embarrassing. However, certain medical conditions may cause individuals to forget the appearance and names of familiar faces, which can be even more devastating. In this exercise, your patient must retain the names and appearance of various individuals and seat them around a table. This exercise will help your patient be able to remember names while recognizing the appearance of new and familiar faces they come across in their daily lives.


While these are some of our most popular exercises, HappyNeuron Pro offers a variety of content that can be used to help patients with cognitive impairment. Each of HappyNeuron Pro’s exercises can be adapted for a patient’s level of cognitive functioning and customized to target the specific areas of a cognitive function they need to work on. Clinicians can try HappyNeuron Pro 100% risk free with a 30 day trial that can be used with as many patients as they would like. Plus, individuals receive free onboarding and guidance to learn how to use the program. Get started today with a 30 day free trial of HappyNeuron Pro today!

Dustin Luchmee

Dustin was HappyNeuron's Product Specialist. With research experience in stroke, Dustin learned how a stroke can change someone's life. He also learned how different kinds of therapists can work together to help a person get better. He is passionate about neuro-rehabilitation and finding the active ingredients for effective therapy.

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