How To Prepare for Your First Telehealth Session with HappyNeuron Pro

1. Choose your Video Conferencing Platform

With a variety of tools, video conferencing has been simplified. However, many organizations require that all telehealth platforms be HIPAA compliant. There are many HIPAA compliant video conferencing tools, such as Zoom, VSee, GoToMeeting, we explain that all here. But there are other factors to consider when selecting a video conferencing platform. It is important to examine the accessibility of the software, equipment needed to use it for both the clinician and patient and how your client’s internet connectivity affects their experience using the software

2. Access Your HappyNeuron Pro Account

Log into your HappyNeuron Pro account by visiting Enter your credentials, and select the client you wish to work with. You can choose exercises for your client to complete both with you and on their own. You can also set your clients up to do home-based exercises and review their results. You can learn more about how to set up home-based training sessions with your clients in this video. 

3. Make Sure Everything is Approved by Your Insurance Providers

In the United States, insurance companies play a large role in what kinds of services are permitted. Make sure to check with your insurance or health care guidelines on their own policies. Due to COVID-19, most health insurance companies have been accepting and modified their plans to include coverage for telehealth visitation. Your insurance carrier may have special claim codes you may need to fill out for reimbursement. Check with your insurance carrier on their policies regarding telehealth therapy.

4. Ensure your Client is All on Board

Many people are new to telehealth. Telehealth’s newness has many patients uneasy and potentially apprehensive about receiving therapeutic services that way. Before providing services, make sure your clients understand what to expect during a telehealth session. Answer any questions they may have, especially about how their privacy will be protected. It is advisable to have your clients sign a consent form, so as to avoid potential legal issues regarding how your client receives care.

5. Make sure you have your space and equipment ready and safe to use.

You need to have a dedicated space for your sessions like you do with your office. This includes making sure you have quiet, privacy, and a secure location to conduct your session. HIPAA laws still apply for telehealth, where you must have adequate protections against breaches of health information. These include having a private, stable, and secure internet connection, having a password protected device, and having locked cabinets for storing any paperwork. Ensure that your room has a door and that you are able to lock it for both privacy and security purposes. 

You must also ensure your equipment is protected. This means keeping your tablet, laptop, or desktop in a safe space where only you have access to it. If you are using a telephone, make sure you have a password for voicemails and that the phone is stored in a secure location. All devices should only be used for telehealth and work-related matters. Do not use the same equipment you use for your personal needs for your therapeutic sessions.

6. Connect and Test Your Internet Connection

You must have a stable, secure, and private internet connection. You can use wireless or wired connections. The use of wireless versus wired may vary depending on the system requirements of your video conferencing tool. However, wireless connections with less than 10 mbps upload and download speed cause videos to lag and will disrupt your sessions. You can perform a speed test of your internet connection by visiting, typing in “speed test” into the search bar, and clicking “run speed test”. 

7. Get Some Training, do a Test Run, and Try it with a Friend!

Take time to get comfortable with your video conferencing tool and HappyNeuron Pro. You can do this by asking for training from your video conferencing tool supplier and HappyNeuron Pro product specialist, watching tutorial videos, and experimenting on your own. Once you feel comfortable, have a friend do a test run with you and go through what you would do during a normal therapy session. This will help you feel confident using your telehealth tools, HappyNeuron Pro, and running a telehealth session on your own. 


Want training on how to use HappyNeuron Pro? Contact our product specialist at +1-215-987-6165 or email at

8. Set Your Client Up with their HappyNeuron Pro Access

Your clients can access HappyNeuron Pro at the touch of a button. All you have to do is log into your account and create a client profile. Your client can use their login credentials to access HappyNeuron Pro from a tablet, laptop, or desktop with an internet connection. You can also help your client easily access their account by adding their email address into their profile for easier access. You can learn more about setting up your client’s accounts here.

Worried about your clients accessing HappyNeuron Pro? Use this template to help ensure your clients know how to access HappyNeuron Pro and when they have to complete home exercises. 

9. Conduct Your Telehealth Session

This is the end result you have been preparing for! With all of your preparation, you will be able to conduct your telehealth sessions effectively. Even though you may not be in the same physical space as your client, you can still provide the same quality of care. Learn about how other therapists like you are using telehealth to serve their clients here.

Dustin Luchmee

Dustin was HappyNeuron's Product Specialist. With research experience in stroke, Dustin learned how a stroke can change someone's life. He also learned how different kinds of therapists can work together to help a person get better. He is passionate about neuro-rehabilitation and finding the active ingredients for effective therapy.

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