[Video] Complex Brain Injury Rehab – Remote and In-home Occupational Therapy


Heather Condello

Pickering, Ontario, Canada

Ayushi Dhingra

Pickering, Ontario, Canada

Why We Share: Remote and In-Home Occupational Therapy

Heather and Ayushi are trained Occupational Therapists from Canada. We meet them at a conference right before the shutdowns in the United States. Heather instantly knew she wanted to work with us and once the pandemic hit she was happy she did. Heather’s practice, Complex Injury Rehab, has over 20+ therapists who work with many different types of patients. From pediatrics to geriatrics her practice helps these individuals return to life after an injury.

In this video, Heather and Ayushi discuss how they approach brain injury and redefine occupational therapy to help their clients get back on track and resume the occupations that bring them joy. 

Dustin Luchmee
Dustin Luchmee

Dustin is HappyNeuron Pro's Product Specialist. With research experience in stroke, Dustin learned how a stroke can change someone's life. He also learned how different kinds of therapists can work together to help a person get better. He is passionate about neuro-rehabilitation and finding the active ingredients for effective therapy.

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