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Founded in France in 2000 by a team of experts in Neurology, Cognitive Psychology, Educational Sciences, and Computer Science, HappyNeuron offers cognitive stimulation tools and services to individuals, health care professionals and corporate partners throughout the world.

HappyNeuron is a proud member of SBT Human Matter(s). combining cognitive sciences and digital technology to empower, transform, learn and care for people.

HappyNeuron Pro is a digital cognitive health tool designed for health professionals in the fields of geriatric, psychiatric, and neurological medicine,  helping patients and therapists alike for over 20 years.

Get to know the HappyNeuron Pro – US Team

Carl ChristensonBusiness Developer

Carl has been with HappyNeuron since its creation in France in 2001, taking many roles in development, design, customer service, sales, marketing, and business development. He now runs the US office in Philadelphia since 2018. In his free time, Carl likes to cook, spend time with his family, and play music.

Dustin LuchmeeProduct Specialist

Dustin came to HappyNeuron Pro in April 2019. He worked in neuroscience research for 5 years prior to coming to HappyNeuron. He has worked with stroke patients examining learning, language, and motor function. Dustin helps educate others about HappyNeuron Pro, provides demonstrations, customer support, and helps bring HappyNeuron Pro into different clinical settings. In his free time, Dustin likes to travel, spend time with his dog Bryn, and go for runs.

Jackie PetrilloDigital Marketing Specialist

Jackie joined HappyNeuron Pro in May 2019. Jackie worked for a marketing agency prior to coming to HappyNeuron, where she made content for various events in the New Jersey/New York area. Jackie makes content and posts for HappyNeuron. In her free time, Jackie likes to go to live music shows, go to the beach, and shopping.

With 43+ cognitive exercises, HappyNeuron Pro is here to work with health professionals to help patients. Our HappyNeuron Pro team is growing and are looking forward to excelling in the future!

Carl Christenson

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