How To Use HappyNeuron Pro for Stroke Rehabilitation

You may be wondering what exercises are available for stroke recovery, or how HappyNeuron Pro can be used to work with people who have had a stroke. In this post, we’ll discuss how to use HappyNeuron Pro for stroke rehabilitation.

1. Group therapy for stroke rehabilitation

HappyNeuron Pro is conducive to group therapy, either virtually or in person. For virtual sessions, you can demonstrate an exercise on your screen, and then have each of the participants try the exercise at the appropriate difficulty on their own. If working in person, you can demonstrate an exercise on a large screen and then break out into individual workstations. Or, you can allow for participants to try exercises one person at a time while the group assists. 

2. Individual therapy for stroke rehabilitation

Stroke recovery involves a variety of therapies. Commonly, people with stroke work with an activity director, speech therapist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, and psychologist for a period of time. To further the recovery of a patient, therapists can prescribe individuals customized exercise plans that the client can do both at home and with the therapist. With HappyNeuron Pro’s exercises, therapists can work on the cognitive areas most impacted by stroke, including language, memory, executive functioning, and processing speed. 

3. Aphasia groups and aphasia treatment

Aphasia, or a condition that involves the loss of language abilities, may occur after a stroke. With aphasia, people work with a speech therapist to help them regain verbal fluency, verbal memory, vocabulary skills, and be able to produce and understand language. With HappyNeuron Pro, speech therapists can provide language exercises that will teach the client or clients with aphasia strategies that will help them be able to use and understand language in everyday life. 

4. Motor and coordination skill training

Touchscreen devices can be used to facilitate motor and coordination skills. With HappyNeuron Pro’s processing speed exercises such as Catch a Ladybug and Secret Files, you can challenge a client’s visual attention, working memory, and motor skills by having them perform these exercises on a touchscreen. Try having your client perform these exercises with each hand on its own and then by using both hands for a bimanual activity!

HappyNeuron Pro is a digital cognitive therapy tool that you can use to help your clients with stroke. Using HappyNeuron Pro, you can provide your clients with group therapy, individual therapy, aphasia treatment, and motor and coordination skill training. HappyNeuron Pro provides 45+ customizable exercises that target the areas of cognition most impacted by stroke. These include executive function, language, memory, processing speed, and attention. In addition to HappyNeuron Pro’s digital program, HappyNeuron provides large and small cognitive worksheets as well as educational material that you can use to supplement your client’s stroke recovery program. 

Aly Castle

Aly is HappyNeuron Pro’s Content Specialist. She is passionate about mental health and well-being and loves utilizing her design background to share important cognitive information clearly and understandably.

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