The 5 Best HappyNeuron Pro Worksheets to Use With Children

Looking for good cognitive worksheets for children? Look no further! Here are the 5 best HappyNeuron Pro worksheets to use with children.

Packet #22 – Social Cognition

Practicing social skills? This packet provides activities that can help children learn how to recognize different emotions and respond to everyday social situations.

Packet #19 – Fluency

Does your child have trouble speaking? Help children practice the art of storytelling using this fluency worksheet. Children must describe different scenes in as much detail as they can. 

Packet  #25 – Attention

Trouble focusing? Take your client on a memorable trip to the Louvre! Your client will have a visual tour of one of the world’s most famous art museums, and will have to recall their visit!

Packet #28 – Verbal and Visual Memory

In a world full of information, it is hard to remember everything that we see and hear. Take your client t-shirt shopping in this worksheet to help them practice verbal and visual memory skills that they can use to stay on track with school.

Packet #29 – Executive Functions

Every parent wants their child to make good choices. In this worksheet, you can help the children that you work with learn important skills such as planning, decision making, and impulse control using real-world situations, like bagging groceries.


   Did you know that these packets also include bridging questions to help you connect the work you are doing with your client to their daily life? Now you do! Use them to foster helpful discussion to help your client generalize the cognitive skills that they are working on with you. 


New to HappyNeuron Pro? You can check out our big packets that we release every month here. Be sure to check out our mini worksheets on social media for more content to use with your clients. 

Dustin Luchmee

Dustin was HappyNeuron's Product Specialist. With research experience in stroke, Dustin learned how a stroke can change someone's life. He also learned how different kinds of therapists can work together to help a person get better. He is passionate about neuro-rehabilitation and finding the active ingredients for effective therapy.

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