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  • Sugar plays a crucial role in our brain health and cognitive function. However, too much can be detrimental to our health. So let’s break it down. Wh

  • Stress can sometimes feel productive, like when you’re worried about an assignment so you work hard on it to make sure you do a great job. However, st

  • Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to modify connections and change its activity in response to stimuli, basically “re-wiring” itself. So, what do

  • Clinicians may want to work with clients on setting cognitive goals - these could be anything from feeling happier, to improving their attention or me

  • Have you ever wondered why we can feel exhausted after a day of working our brains, even if we haven’t physically exerted ourselves at all? After a ha

  • During the winter, many people suffer from colds and the symptoms that come with them: congestion, coughing, and body aches. While many people feel ph

  • The brain has its own unique way of responding to a surprising event or situation. When the brain wants you to pay attention to something, it will mak

  • Learning how to deal with stress is an integral part of everyday life. Stress occurs at all stages of life and can come in several forms. During the d

  • Many survivors of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) often deal with feelings of anger and irritability after their injury. For some, these feelings of an

  • For many people, being around “green space”, such as grass, plants, forests, and more, is just a factor of their everyday life. However, recent studie

  • Sleep is one of the most important parts of everyday life. It allows the brain to take a break and recharge, as well as preserve and consolidate one’s

  • Childrens’ friendships impact not only their social development but also their cognitive development. In fact, researchers have found that there are d

  • Often when we think of cognitive dysfunction, we do not imagine our cute pets at home. However, our furry friends may suffer from canine cognitive dys

  • If you live in the northern hemisphere, you are probably familiar with the drastic change of seasons. With the switch from the summer to the fall come

  • Depending where you live, winter months may be filled with snow, ice, and sleet. With low temperatures and less daylight, the winter months can impact


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