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  • Language is a cognitive skill that binds people together. Language allows people to communicate complex thoughts and emotions with one another. While

  • An eHelper is a person who serves as a facilitator for telepractice delivered therapy. The eHelper serves to eliminate the barriers that inhibit a stu

  • This is a question that gets asked often.  These terms have felt for years to be interchangeable, but are they?  The answer to that is, no.  Ref

  • Before diving deep into what is an intellectual disability, it is best to explain what it is not. Intellectual disabilities are not mental illnesses,

  • Many children struggle to learn and understand mathematics. Current math instruction focuses on memorizing abstract rules. While knowledge of mathemat

  • Real Advice From a Real Therapist We spoke with Kyra Minichan, head therapist of The Cognitive Emporium on how parents, teachers, and therapists ca