In addition to a healthy diet and exercise, there are many activities that can help someone with stroke recovery. Physical therapy may be necessary for physical recovery, and equally important is exercising the brain. Here are some of the best ways to help the brain along when trying to overcome some of the cognitive effects of stroke.

New Year’s resolutions are a great way to enter into a new mindset and achieve goals that improve your life. Why not help your clients set goals to improve their cognition this year? Setting goals together at the beginning of the year could help clients stay motivated and better understand their progress over time. Here are some of the areas of cognition that you can work on together using our digital program and/or worksheets.

Aphasia is a condition that reflects the loss of language. Depending on the nature of aphasia, a person may have trouble producing and/or understanding language. Some people with aphasia may not understand spoken language but are able to understand written language and vice versa. Everyone’s experience with aphasia is different and largely depends on the cause of the aphasia. Aphasia can be caused by experiencing a brain injury or a stroke. Primary progressive aphasia, which is a form of aphasia related to progressive dementia, is caused by the worsening progression of the disease.

During the winter, many people suffer from colds and the symptoms that come with them: congestion, coughing, and body aches. While many people feel physically ill, they do not realize that colds can also have an impact on the brain as well. Because of this, researchers are interested in examining the cognitive impacts of catching a cold.

HappyNeuron Pro is a digital cognitive therapy tool offering over 45 exercises for clinicians working with individuals with cognitive impairment. Using HappyNeuron Pro, clinicians can create customized exercise plans for their patients to do at home or in the clinic. With so many creative and fun exercises to choose from, clinicians may not know where to start. In this blog post, we’ll share HappyNeuron Pro’s top 3 exercises with you.